Binary package “tkcvs” in ubuntu disco

Graphical front-end to CVS and Subversion

 TkCVS is a Tk based graphical interface to the CVS and Subversion
 version control systems. For CVS, it includes facilities for providing
 "user friendly" names to modules and directories within the repository,
 and provides a facility to interactively browse the repository looking for
 modules and directories.
 Some of the features of TkCVS include:
 File and directory browser, with optional display of hidden
 files, and display of the current directory's location within
 the CVS tree.
 Push-button based check-in / check-out of CVS modules. Ability
 to add and delete files from the repository also using push
 Module tree browser, and reports showing the structure of the
 CVS modules tree. Individual modules or entire directory trees
 may be checked out using the browser.
 Updating of files from the repository when they change.
 Tagging and branching of files from the file browser, and tagging
 and branching of modules from the module browser.
 Exporting a CVS module or directory from the repository for
 delivery off-site.
 Creation of patch files between two releases of a module, or
 between a release and the current (head) version.
 Viewing of diff and status listings for currently checked out