Binary package “tkgate” in ubuntu disco

Tcl/Tk based digital circuit editor and simulator

 TkGate is a digital circuit editor and simulator with a Tcl/Tk based
 interface. TkGate includes a large number of built-in devices including basic
 gates, memories, ttys and modules for hierarchical design. The simulator can
 be controlled either interactively or through a simulation script. Memory
 contents can be loaded from files, and a microcode/macrocode compiler (gmac)
 is included to create tkgate memory files from a high-level description. The
 simulator supports continuous simulation, single step simulation (by clock or
 epoch) and breakpoints. Save files are in a Verilog-like format.
 TkGate also includes a number of tutorial and example circuits which can be
 loaded through the "Help" menu. The examples range from a simple gate-level
 3-bit adder to a 16-bit CPU programmed to play the "Animals" game.
 TkGate has a multi-language interface with support for English, Japanese,
 French and Spanish.