Binary package “ufo-filters” in ubuntu disco

Set of plugins for ufo-core - runtime

 The UFO data processing framework is a C library suited to build
 general purpose streams data processing on heterogeneous
 architectures such as CPUs, GPUs or clusters. It is extensively used
 at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology for Ultra-fast X-ray Imaging
 (radiography, tomography and laminography).
 This package contains `average', `backproject', `bin', `blur', `buffer',
 `calculate', `camera', `clip', `contrast', `crop', `denoise', `duplicate',
 `fftmult', `fft', `filter', `flatten', `flip', `forwardproject', `gemm',
 `ifft', `interpolate', `loop', `measure', `merge', `metaballs', `monitor',
 `null', `opencl', `ordfilt', `pad', `read', `reduce', `refeed', `replicate',
 `rescale', `ringwriter', `sleep', `slice', `stack', `stdin', `stdout',
 `subtract', `transpose', `write' and `zeropad' plugins