Binary package “undertaker” in ubuntu disco

variability-aware tool for static code analysis

 The "undertaker" is a tool suite for static source code analysis for
 checking C preprocessor directives. Also included are "golem", "vampyr"
 and "undertaker-tailor".
 It can check their structure against different configuration models to
 find "dead" blocks that can never be selected and "undead" blocks that
 can never be deselected.
 The included "golem" tool is able to infer variability constraints from
 Kbuild-like build systems, such as found in Linux, busybox and
 coreboot. Its results greatly improves the model that undertaker uses
 for the analysis.
 The tool "vampyr" is a conditional-compilation aware driver. It uses
 the "undertaker" tool to calculate a set of configurations and calls a
 backend-scanner on each of them. Supported scanners include: "gcc",
 "sparse", and "clang".
 The tool "undertaker-tailor" calculates a kernel configuration based on
 a profile, which is traced with Linux ftrace mechanism. The resulting
 kernel exhibits a much smaller attack surface and results in a
 significant more secure kernel.