Binary package “xdemorse” in ubuntu disco

decode Morse signals to text

 X/GTK+ application for decoding Morse code signals into text. xdemorse
 detects the "dihs" and "dahs" that make a Morse code character via the
 computer's sound card, which can be connected to a radio receiver tuned
 to a CW Morse code transmission or to a tone generator.
 The input signal is processed by a Goertzel tone detector algorithm which
 produces "mark" or "space" (signal/no signal) outputs and the resulting
 stream of Morse code "elements" is decoded into an ASCII character for
 printing to the Text viewer.
 xdemorse has a certain level of tolerance towards operator errors (bad
 "fist") regarding deviation from the standard duration of the various
 elements that make up the Morse code.There is a "Waterfall" (audio
 spectrum) display derived from an integer-arithmetic FFT of the receiver's
 audio output.
 This program has built-in CAT capability but only for the Yaesu FT847 or
 FT857 and Elecraft K2 or K3.