Binary package “zita-lrx” in ubuntu disco

Command line jack application providing crossover filters

 Command line jack application providing 2, 3, or 4-band,
 4th order crossover filters.
 The filter type is continuously variable between Linkwitz-Riley
 (-6dB at the xover frequency) and Butterworth(-3 dB at the xover frequency).
 Outputs are exactly phase matched in the crossover regions.
 The application supports up to 16 channels.
 Configuration is by a text file using 'OSC' style syntax
 (similar to Ambdec and Jconvolver).
 Apart from the basic filter parameters,
 the following can be set:
  - Channel labels (used for naming Jack ports).
  - Frequency band names (used in output port names).
  - Optional output autoconnections.
  - For each channel: gain and delay (in ms).
  - For each frequency band: gain and delay.