parsnp binary package in Ubuntu Disco arm64

 Parsnp was designed to align the core genome of hundreds to thousands of
 bacterial genomes within a few minutes to few hours. Input can be both
 draft assemblies and finished genomes, and output includes variant (SNP)
 calls, core genome phylogeny and multi-alignments. Parsnp leverages
 contextual information provided by multi-alignments surrounding SNP
 sites for filtration/cleaning, in addition to existing tools for
 recombination detection/filtration and phylogenetic reconstruction.

Publishing history

Date Status Target Pocket Component Section Priority Phased updates Version
  2018-10-30 08:05:27 UTC Published Ubuntu Disco arm64 release universe science Optional 1.2+dfsg-5
  • Published on 2018-10-30
  • Copied from ubuntu cosmic-proposed arm64 in Primary Archive for Ubuntu

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