Binary package “ciderwebmail” in ubuntu eoan

IMAP webmail service

 CiderWebmail is a modern, user friendly and maintenance free webmail
 application. It's targeted at mailserver administrators who need to
 provide web access for their user's mailboxes and individuals wanting
 to access their mailboxes via an always available web application.
 It currently supports all the basic mail handling features one would
 expect from such an application:
  * Listing your emails with selectable sort order and grouping.
  * Moving emails between folders and deleting using drag & drop.
  * Displaying text and HTML emails even if their code is completely
    broken (which happens quite often in reality)
  * Keyboard bindings for switching through emails, moving, deleting,
    replying and forwarding.
  * Reply to and forward existing emails or write new emails, add
    attachments and have a copy saved in your "Sent" folder.
 As an application written deep in the 21st century, CiderWebmail
 supports only IMAP mail servers.
 It is recommended to use CiderWebmail with the Dovecot IMAP server.
 CiderWebmail deliberately does little internal caching for security
 reasons, so if used with an IMAP server less powerful than Dovecot you
 may benefit from connecting via imapproxy.