Binary package “dh-fortran-mod” in ubuntu eoan

debhelper add-on to handle Fortran '.mod' files

 Modules were introduced in the 1990 revision of the Fortran standard. When the
 Fortran compiler processes a source file containing a module, it produces both
 an object file and a '.mod' file. The latter plays a role similar to header
 files in C, since it is needed when compiling other source files which make
 use of the module.
 The '.mod' files are however platform dependent, and their format changes with
 the gfortran version.
 This package provides the dh_fortran_mod command, which simplifies the
 inclusion of '.mod' files in binary packages. First, it places the '.mod'
 files in the correct platform- and gfortran-dependent location. Second, it
 adds the right dependency information on gfortran version(s).
 Inclusion of dh_fortran_mod in dh sequence is also provided under the name