Binary package “ffcvt” in ubuntu eoan

ffmpeg convert wrapper tool

 ffcvt - ffmpeg convert wrapper to make it simple to do high efficiency
 audio/video compression (Opus/H.265) encoding, and for youtube as well.
 The next-generation High Efficiency Video codec (HEVC), H.265 can produce
 videos visually comparable to libx264's, but in about half the size;
 Meanwhile the Opus audio codec is becoming the best thing ever for
 compressing audio -- A 64K Opus audio stream is comparable to mp3 files of
 128K to 256K bandwidth. The ffcvt makes use of such fantastic high
 efficiency audio/video codec/encoding capability while shielding people
 from the complicated ffmpeg command line option settings, while versatile
 and powerful enough to allow advanced users to touch every corner of
 audio/video encoding.