Binary package “fitsh” in ubuntu eoan

Software package for astronomical image processing

 This software package provides independent binary programs (so called tasks)
 which performs various steps of astronomical image reduction and data
 processing. These tasks are designed for execution from a UNIX command line
 shell or shell script. Each of these tasks performs a specific operation
 (e.g. transforming an image to another reference frame, search and identifiy
 stars or other point-like sources, do photometry, transform/display a
 FITS image to a popular graphics format, ...) while the details of a
 certain operation are specified via command switches and arguments.
 Therefore this package does not need any higher level operating environment
 than a standard UNIX shell, however, processing the related data might
 require a little more knowledge of the used shell itself. If you find this
 program useful in your research, please cite 2012MNRAS.421.1825P
 as "2012, MNRAS, 421, 1825". See also the web page of the project, found at That page gathers information about the program
 (including documentation and examples), this is the primary download source
 of the package itself, and additionally, serves a public forum for the
 program users in various topics. Bug reports, comments and ideas are welcomed!