Binary package “gbrowse” in ubuntu eoan

GMOD Generic Genome Browser

 Generic Genome Browser is a simple but highly
 configurable web-based genome browser. It is a component of the
 Generic Model Organism Systems Database project (GMOD).
 Some of its features:
  * Simultaneous bird's eye and detailed views of the genome;
  * Scroll, zoom, center;
  * Attach arbitrary URLs to any annotation;
  * Order and appearance of tracks are customizable by administrator and
  * Search by annotation ID, name, or comment;
  * Supports third party annotation using GFF formats;
  * Settings persist across sessions;
  * DNA and GFF dumps;
  * Connectivity to different databases, including BioSQL and Chado;
  * Multi-language support;
  * Third-party feature loading;
  * Customizable plug-in architecture (e.g. run BLAST, dump & import many
    formats, find oligonucleotides, design primers, create restriction maps,
    edit features).