Binary package “gcx” in ubuntu eoan

astronomical image processing and photometry gtk+ application

 Gcx is an astronomical image processing and data reduction tool,
 with an easy to use graphical user interface. It provides a
 complete set of data reduction functions for CCD photometry,
 with frame WCS fitting, automatic star identification, aperture
 photometry of target and standard stars, single-frame ensemble
 photometry solution finding, multi-frame color coefficient
 fitting, extinction coefficient fitting, and all-sky photometry;
 as well as general-purpose astronomical image processing functions
 (bias, dark, flat, frame alignment and stacking); It can function
 as a FITS viewer.
 The program can control CCD cameras and telescopes, and implement
 automatic observation scripting. Cameras are controlled through a
 hardware-specific server, to which gcx connects through a TCP socket.
 It generates FITS files with comprehensive header information.