Binary package “horst” in ubuntu eoan

Highly Optimized Radio Scanning Tool

 horst is a small, lightweight IEEE802.11 WLAN analyzer with a text
 interface. Its basic function is similar to tcpdump, Wireshark or
 Kismet, but it's much smaller and shows different, aggregated
 information which is not easily available from other tools. It is
 made for debugging wireless LANs with a focus on getting a quick
 overview instead of deep packet inspection and has special features
 for Ad-hoc (IBSS) mode and mesh networks. It can be useful to get a
 quick overview of what's going on all wireless LAN channels and to
 identify problems.
  * Shows signal (RSSI) values per station, something hard to get,
    especially in IBSS mode
  * Calculates channel utilization ("usage") by adding up the amount of
    time the packets actually occupy the medium
  * "Spectrum Analyzer" shows signal levels and usage per channel
  * Graphical packet history, with signal, packet type and physical rate
  * Shows all stations per ESSID and the live TSF per node as it is
  * Detects IBSS "splits" (same ESSID but different BSSID – this is/was
    a common driver problem on IBSS mode)
  * Statistics of packets/bytes per physical rate and per packet type
  * Has some support for mesh protocols (OLSR and batman)
  * Can filter specific packet types, operating modes, source addresses
    or BSSIDs
  * Client/server support for monitoring on remote nodes
  * Automatically adds and removes monitor interface
 horst is a Linux program and can be used on any wireless LAN interface
 which supports monitor mode.