Binary package “libcasa-casa3” in ubuntu eoan

CASA core modules

 The casacore package contains the core libraries of the old
 AIPS++/CASA (Common Astronomy Software Applications) package. This
 split was made to get a better separation of core libraries and
 This package contains the Core modules: Multi-dimensional arrays, Quantities
 (values with physical units), OS and IO interface classes, Containers (from
 pre-STL era), Miscellaneous modules for exceptions, tasking interface,
 command line input, logging, STL wrappers, and basic math classes and
 Most of the code has been developed before STL came into existence, so
 several classes in modules Containers and Utilities are superseded by their
 STL counterparts. However, they are still used in some casacore
 code. Furthermore, some classes offer some extra functionality compared to