Binary package “libdebian-source-perl” in ubuntu eoan

collection of Perl modules for handling Debian source packages

 This collection of Perl modules was originally developed to support
 dh-make-perl, but may also be useful for other tools that need to
 manipulate (unpacked) Debian source packages. The current modules in
 the package are:
  * Debian::Control
  * Debian::Control::Stanza
  * Debian::Control::Stanza::Binary
  * Debian::Control::Stanza::CommaSeparated
  * Debian::Control::Stanza::Source
  * Debian::Dependencies
  * Debian::Dependency
  * Debian::DpkgLists
  * Debian::Rules
  * Debian::WNPP::Bug
  * Debian::WNPP::Query