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semantic web toolkit - library documentation

 Swish is a framework for performing deductions in RDF data using a
 variety of techniques. Swish is conceived as a toolkit for
 experimenting with RDF inference, and for implementing stand-alone RDF
 file processors (usable in similar style to CWM, but with a view to
 being extensible in declarative style through added Haskell function
 and data value declarations). It explores Haskell as "a scripting
 language for the Semantic Web".
 Swish is a work-in-progress, and currently incorporates:
  * Turtle, Notation3 and NTriples input and output. The N3 support is
    incomplete (no handling of @forAll).
  * RDF graph isomorphism testing and merging.
  * Display of differences between RDF graphs.
  * Inference operations in forward chaining, backward chaining and
    proof-checking modes.
  * Simple Horn-style rule implementations, extendable through variable
    binding modifiers and filters.
  * Class restriction rule implementation, primarily for datatype
  * RDF formal semantics entailment rule implementation.
  * Complete, ready-to-run, command-line and script-driven programs.
 This package contains the library documentation for swish.