Binary package “libmlv3-dev” in ubuntu eoan

simplified multimedia library in C for beginners.

 The mlv library is a simplified multimedia library.
 The library is perfect for beginners in C programming who
 want to use graphic and sound effects.
 The library are dedicated to:
  - draw figures, text and boxed text,
  - display images,
  - plays musics,
  - get Keyboard and mouse event,
  - get data by input boxes.
 This tools is a simplified interface of the SDL libraries.
 If you are not a beginner, we recommend you to use the
 SDL libraries (sdl, sdl-gfx, sdl-mixer,sdl-ttf) instead of
 the mlv library.
 The mlv library can be compiled for Linux, Macintosh
 and windows.
 This package provide all the development infrastructure
 of the mlv library.