Binary package “libnet-google-safebrowsing2-perl” in ubuntu eoan

Perl extension for the Google Safe Browsing v2 API

 The library passes most of the unit tests listed in the API documentation. See
 the documentation
 ( for more
 details about the failed tests.
 The Google Safe Browsing database must be stored and managed locally.
 Net::Google::SafeBrowsing2::Sqlite uses Sqlite as the storage back-end,
 Net::Google::SafeBrowsing2::MySQL uses MySQL. Other storage mechanisms
 (databases, memory, etc.) can be added and used transparently with this module.
 You may want to look at "Google Safe Browsing v2: Implementation Notes"
 (, a
 collection of notes and real-world numbers about the API. This is intended for
 people who want to learn more about the API, whether as a user or to make their
 own implementation.
 The source code is available on github at
 If you do not need to inspect more than 10,000 URLs a day, you can use
 Net::Google::SafeBrowsing2::Lookup with the Google Safe Browsing v2 Lookup API
 which does not require to store and maintain a local database.
 IMPORTANT: If you start with an empty database, you will need to perform
 several updates to retrieve all the Google Safe Browsing information. This may
 require up to 24 hours. This is a limitation of the Google API, not of this
 module. See "Google Safe Browsing v2: Implementation Notes" at