Binary package “libnet-stomp-perl” in ubuntu eoan

Perl module providing a Streaming Text Orientated Messaging Protocol client

 Net::Stomp allows you to write a Stomp client. Stomp is the Streaming Text
 Orientated Messaging Protocol (or the Protocol Briefly Known as TTMP and
 Represented by the symbol :ttmp). It's a simple and easy to implement
 protocol for working with Message Orientated Middleware from any language.
 Net::Stomp is useful for talking to Apache ActiveMQ, an open source (Apache
 2.0 licensed) Java Message Service 1.1 (JMS) message broker packed with many
 enterprise features.
 A Stomp frame consists of a command, a series of headers and a body - see
 Net::Stomp::Frame for more details.
 For details on the protocol see