Binary package “libstring-tagged-perl” in ubuntu eoan

string buffers with value tags on extents

 String::Tagged implements an object class, instances of which store a
 (mutable) string buffer that supports tags. A tag is a name/value pair that
 applies to some non-empty extent of the underlying string.
 The types of tag names ought to be strings, or at least values that are
 well-behaved as strings, as the names will often be used as the keys in
 hashes or applied to the eq operator.
 The types of tag values are not restricted - any scalar will do. This could
 be a simple integer or string, ARRAY or HASH reference, or even a CODE
 reference containing an event handler of some kind.
 Tags may be arbitrarily overlapped. Any given offset within the string has in
 effect, a set of uniquely named tags. Tags of different names are
 independent. For tags of the same name, only the latest, shortest tag takes