Binary package “libsys-cpuaffinity-perl” in ubuntu eoan

module to set CPU affinity for processes

 The details of getting and setting process CPU affinities varies greatly from
 system to system. Even among the different flavors of Unix there is very
 little in the way of a common interface to CPU affinities. The existing tools
 and libraries for setting CPU affinities are not very standardized, so that a
 technique for setting CPU affinities on one system may not work on another
 system with the same architecture.
 Sys::CpuAffinity seeks to do one thing and do it well: manipulate CPU
 affinities through a common interface on as many systems as possible, by any
 means necessary.
 The module is composed of several subroutines, each one implementing a
 different technique to perform a CPU affinity operation. A technique might
 try to import a Perl module, run an external program that might be installed
 on your system, or invoke some C code to access your system libraries.
 Usually, a technique is applicable to only a single or small group of
 operating systems, and on any particular system, the vast majority of
 techniques would fail. Regardless of your particular system and
 configuration, it is hoped that at least one of the techniques will work and
 you will be able to get and set the CPU affinities of your processes.