Binary package “libtangram-perl” in ubuntu eoan

Orthogonal Object Persistence in Relational Databases

 Tangram is an object-relational mapper. It makes objects persist in
 relational databases, and provides powerful facilities for retrieving
 and filtering them. Tangram fully supports object-oriented programming,
 including polymorphism, multiple inheritance and collections.
 It does so in an orthogonal fashion, that is, it doesn't require
 your classes to implement support functions nor inherit from a utility class.
 Tangram builds upon DBI, so you'll need to install DBI and at least
 one DBD driver if that is not done already. You will also need
 Set::Object. These modules are available from CPAN.
 If you intend to run the regression tests (recommended), you will
 also need to prepare an empty database before starting the installation