Binary package “libtemplate-autofilter-perl” in ubuntu eoan

Template::Toolkit subclass with automatic filtering

 Template::AutoFilter is a subclass of Template::Toolkit which loads a
 specific Parser that is subclassed from Template::Parser. It adds a filter
 instruction to each interpolation token found in templates loaded by the TT
 engine. Tokens that already have a filter instruction are left unchanged.
 By default this automatic filter is set to be 'html', but can be modified
 during object creation by passing the AUTO_FILTER option with the name of the
 wanted filter.
 Additionally a pass-through filter called 'none' is added to the object to
 allow exclusion of tokens from being filtered.
 Lastly, if you have problems with the directives which get auto filters
 applied, you can see the Template::AutoFilter::Parser docs for how you can
 customize that.