Binary package “libtfbs-perl” in ubuntu eoan

scanning DNA sequence with a position weight matrix

 The TFBS perl modules comprise a set of routines to interact with the
 Transfac and Jaspar databases that describe a special family of proteins,
 the transcription factors. These bind to genomic DNA to initiate (or
 prevent) the readout of a gene. Once multiple binding sites are known
 for a transcription factor, these are gathered in a single file and are
 aligned in order to find position-specific characteristica that might
 be used to predict such binding events in novel DNA sequences.
 If you use TFBS in your work, please cite "Lenhard B., Wasserman W.W. (2002)
 TFBS: Computational framework for transcription factor binding site analysis.
 Bioinformatics 18:1135-1136".
 Note: the TFBS perl module is no longer under active development. All the
 functionality can be found in the TFBSTools Bioconductor package; users are
 highly encouraged to switch. <>