Binary package “libtickit-perl” in ubuntu eoan

Terminal Interface Construction KIT

 Tickit is a high-level toolkit for creating full-screen terminal-based
 interactive programs. It allows programs to be written in an abstracted way,
 working with a tree of widget objects, to represent the layout of the
 interface and implement its behaviours.
 Its supported terminal features includes a rich set of rendering attributes
 (bold, underline, italic, 256-colours, etc), support for mouse including
 wheel and position events above the 224th column and arbitrary modified key
 input via libtermkey (all of these will require a supporting terminal as
 well). It also supports having multiple instances and non-blocking or
 asynchronous control.
 At the current version, this is a Perl distribution which contains and XS and
 C implementation of the lower levels (Tickit::Term and Tickit::Pen), and
 implements the higher levels (Tickit::Window and Tickit::Widget) in pure
 perl. The XS parts are supported by libtickit, either from the installed
 library, or using a bundled copy compiled at build time. It is intended that
 eventually the Window layer will be rewritten in XS and C instead.