Binary package “libtickit-widgets-perl” in ubuntu eoan

collection of Tickit::Widget implementations

 This class acts as an abstract base class for on-screen widget objects. It
 provides the lower-level machinery required by most or all widget types.
 Objects cannot be directly constructed in this class. Instead, a subclass of
 this class which provides a suitable implementation of the render_to_rb and
 other provided methods is derived. Instances in that class are then
 The core Tickit distribution only contains a couple of simple widget classes.
 Many more widget types are available on CPAN. Almost certainly for any
 widget-based program you will want to at least install the Tickit::Widgets
 distribution, which provides many of the basic UI types of widget.
 Tickit is a high-level toolkit for creating full-screen terminal-based
 interactive programs. It allows programs to be written in an abstracted way,
 working with a tree of widget objects, to represent the layout of the
 interface and implement its behaviours.