Binary package “libtree-redblack-perl” in ubuntu eoan

Perl implementation of Red/Black tree, a balanced tree

 Tree::RedBlack is a demonstration package, showing the performance
 differences between different methods of data storage and
 accessing. It contains a perl implementation of the Red/Black tree
 algorithm found in the book "Algorithms", by Cormen, Leiserson &
 Rivest (more commonly known as "CLR" or "The White Book"). A
 Red/Black tree is a binary tree which remains "balanced"- that is,
 the longest length from root to a node is at most one more than the
 shortest such length. It is fairly efficient; no operation takes
 more than O(lg(n)) time.
 An example perl script is contained in the documentation directory,
 which would show the different run times using hash table, linear or
 tree structure.