Binary package “libtwitter-api-perl” in ubuntu eoan

Twitter REST API library for Perl

 Twitter::API provides an interface to the Twitter REST API for perl.
  * full support for all Twitter REST API endpoints
  * not dependent on a new distribution for new endpoint support
  * optionally specify access tokens per API call
  * error handling via an exception object that captures the full
    request/response context
  * full support for OAuth handshake and Xauth authentication
 Additional features are available via optional traits:
  * convenient methods for API endpoints with simplified argument
    handling via ApiMethods
  * normalized booleans (Twitter likes 'true' and 'false', except when
    it doesn't) via NormalizeBooleans
  * automatic decoding of HTML entities via DecodeHtmlEntities
  * automatic retry on transient errors via RetryOnError
  * "the whole enchilada" combines all the above traits via Enchilada
  * app-only (OAuth2) support via AppAuth
  * automatic rate limiting via RateLimiting