Binary package “libzypp-config” in ubuntu eoan

openSUSE/SLES package management system library (configuration)

 libzypp is the package management library that powers applications like
 YaST, zypper and the openSUSE/SLE implementation of PackageKit.
 libzypp provides all the functionality for a package manager:
   - an API for package repository management, supporting most common
     repository metadata formats and signed repositories
   - an API for solving packages, products, patterns and patches (installation,
     removal, update and distribution upgrade operations) dependencies, with
     additional features like locking
   - an API for comitting the transaction to the system over a rpm target;
     supporting deltarpm calculation, media changing and installation order
   - an API for browsing available and installed software, with some facilities
     for programs with an user interface
   - a suite of maintained solving testcases representing common and uncommon
     operations on Linux software management
 This package ships the configuration files for the libzypp library.