Binary package “lizardfs-master” in ubuntu eoan

LizardFS - master server

 LizardFS master (metadata) server.
 LizardFS is a reliable, scalable and efficient distributed file system. It
 spreads data over a number of physical servers, making it visible to an
 end user as a single file system.
 Functions such as data replication, checksums, instant snapshots and easy
 connection of additional servers make LizardFS a perfect solution for
 users who need fault-proof storage ready for future expansion.
 LizardFS features include:
  * High availbility.
  * Quotas.
  * POSIX Access Control Lists and POSIX Extended Attributes.
  * I/O bandwidth limiting.
 LizardFS can be used whenever one needs to store large quantities of data
 in a secure way and process them swiftly.
 LizardFS is a fork of MooseFS.