Binary package “node-tmp” in ubuntu eoan

Temporary file and directory creator for Node.js

 The main difference between node-temp and node-tmp is that node-tmp more
 aggressively checks for the existence of the newly created temporary file
 and creates the new file with O_EXCL instead of simple O_CREAT | O_RDRW,
 so it is safer.
 The API is slightly different as well, Tmp does not yet provide
 synchronous calls and all the parameters are optional.
 Tmp uses crypto for determining random file names, or, when using templates,
 a six letter random identifier. And just in case that you do not have that
 much entropy left on your system, Tmp will fall back to pseudo random numbers.
 You can set whether you want to remove the temporary file on process exit or
 not, and the destination directory can also be set.
 Node.js is an event-based server-side JavaScript engine.