Binary package “proj-rdnap” in ubuntu eoan

RDNAP grid correction files for PROJ

 Kadaster and Rijkswaterstaat CIV, working together under the name RDNAP,
 developed RDNAPTRANS™2008, the precise and official transformation
 between ETRS89 and the dutch national horizontal and vertical coordinate
 reference systems the Stelsel van de Rijksdriehoeksmeting (RD) and the
 Normaal Amsterdams Peil (NAP). A ‘simplified’ procedure has been
 developed which uses a NTv2-grid for the transformation between ETRS89
 and RD as well as a VDatum-grid for the transformation between ETRS89
 and NAP. This ‘simplified’ procedure has the following limitations:
  1) The rdtrans2008 NTv2-grid can only give identical results to
     RDNAPTRANS™2008 within 1 millimeter at ground level onshore and at
     mean sea level offshore. The horizontal deviation is approximately
     1 millimeter per 50 meter height difference from ground level or mean
     sea level.
  2) An exception to 1) is the border of the RDNAPTRANS™2008 correction
     grid. Transformation results within cells of the rdtrans2008 NTv2-grid
     that are intersected by the border of the RDNAPTRANS™2008 correction
     grid can result in deviations of up to 20 centimeter.
  3) The naptrans2008 VDatum-grid cannot be used to determine deflections
     of the vertical. For this the NLGEO2004 geoid model has to be used.
  4) The naptrans2008 VDatum-grid is referenced to the Bessel-1841 ellipsoid
     and cannot be used stand-alone, it has to be used in combination with
     the rdtrans2008 NTv2-grid.
 Taking into account the limitations listed above, the rdtrans2008 NTv2-grid
 and naptrans2008 VDatum-grid can be used as an alternative to
 RDNAPTRANS™2008 to transform geographic ETRS89-coordinates to
 projected RD-coordinates with grid correction applied and NAP-heights.
 Note that, although the resulting RD/NAP and ETRS89 coordinates from the
 transformation will be correct, geographic Bessel-1841 coordinates will
 differ in both procedures and should only be considered as an intermediate