vitables binary package in Ubuntu Eoan arm64

 ViTables is a component of the PyTables family. It is a graphical
 tool for browsing and editing files in both PyTables and HDF5
 ViTables capabilities include easy navigation through the data
 hierarchy, displaying of real data and its associated metadata, a
 simple, yet powerful, browsing of multidimensional data and much
 One of the greatest strengths of ViTables is its ability to display
 very large tables. Tables with one thousand millions of rows (and
 beyond) are navigated stunningly fast and with very low memory
 requirements. So, if you ever need to browse very large tables, don't
 hesitate, ViTables is your choice.

Publishing history

Date Status Target Pocket Component Section Priority Phased updates Version
  2019-04-18 13:30:28 UTC Published Ubuntu Eoan arm64 release universe python Extra 2.1-1
  • Published on 2019-04-18
  • Copied from ubuntu oneiric-release i386 in Primary Archive for Ubuntu