Binary package “disktype” in ubuntu focal

detection of content format of a disk or disk image

 The purpose of disktype is to detect the content format of a disk or
 disk image. It knows about common file systems, partition tables and
 boot codes. This software can be used for forensics analysis.
 As of version 9, disktype knows about the following formats:
 File systems:
    MFS, HFS, HFS Plus
    ISO9660 (incl. Joliet, El Torito)
    ext4 (patch from upstream CVS)
    btrfs (patch from upstream CVS)
    Linux romfs
    Linux cramfs
    Linux squashfs
    UFS (some variations)
    SysV FS (some variations)
    Amiga FS/FFS
    Amiga SFS
    Amiga PFS
    BeOS BFS
    QNX4 FS
    Veritas VxFS
    Xbox DVD file system
    DOS/PC style
    Amiga "Rigid Disk"
    BSD disklabel
    Linux RAID physical disks
    Linux LVM1 physical volumes
    Linux LVM2 physical volumes
    Solaris SPARC disklabel
    Solaris x86 disklabel (vtoc)
 Other structures:
    Debian split floppy header
    Linux swap
 Disk images:
    Raw CD image (.bin)
    Virtual PC hard disk image
    Apple UDIF disk image (limited)
 Boot loaders:
    Linux kernel
    FreeBSD loader
    Windows/MS-DOS loader
    BeOS loader, Haiku loader
    Sega Dreamcast
 Compression formats:
 Archive formats: