Binary package “golang-github-lucasb-eyer-go-colorful-dev” in ubuntu focal

Library for handling color spaces in Go

 Colorful is a library for handling color spaces in Go by implementing the
 color.Color interface. Colorful stores colors in RGB and provides methods from
 converting these to various color spaces. Currently supported colorspaces are:
   RGB: All three of Red, Green and Blue in [0..1].
   HSL: Hue in [0..360], Saturation and Luminance in [0..1].
   HSV: Hue in [0..360], Saturation and Value in [0..1].
   Hex RGB: The "internet" color format, as in #FF00FF.
   Linear RGB (read about Gamma-Correct Rendering).
   CIE-XYZ: CIE's standard color space, almost in [0..1].
   CIE-xyY: encodes chromacity in x and y and luminance in Y, all in [0..1]
   CIE-L*a*b*: Perceptually uniform. L* in [0..1] and a*, b* almost in [-1..1].
   CIE-L*u*v*: Very similar to CIE-L*a*b*.
   CIE-L*C*h° (HCL): CIE-L*a*b* space in polar coordinates.
 For the colorspaces where it makes sense (XYZ, Lab, Luv, HCl), the D65 is used
 as reference white by default but methods for using your own reference white
 are provided.