Binary package “libdevel-callsite-perl” in ubuntu focal

Perl module to get caller return OP address and Perl interpreter context

 Devel::Callsite module provides subroutines to get the caller return OP
 address and perl interpreter context.
 The callsite() function returns the OP address of the caller, a number,
 one level up from where it was called. It's useful for functions that
 need to uniquely know where they were called, such as Every::every();
 see Every. Or it can be used to pinpoint a location with finer
 granularity than a line number (see In conjunction with an OP
 tree disassembly you can know exactly where the caller is located in
 the Perl source.
 The context() function returns the interpreter context as a number.
 This is a fairly unique number together with the call site.