Binary package “libexporter-lite-perl” in ubuntu focal

lightweight subset of Exporter

 Exporter::Lite is an alternative to Exporter, intended to provide a
 lightweight subset of the most commonly-used functionality. It supports
 import(), @EXPORT and @EXPORT_OK and not a whole lot else.
 Unlike Exporter, it is not necessary to inherit from Exporter::Lite (ie. no
 @ISA = qw(Exporter::Lite) mantra). Exporter::Lite simply exports its import()
 function into your namespace. This might be called a "mix-in" or a "role".
 Setting up a module to export its variables and functions is simple:
  package My::Module;
  use Exporter::Lite;
  @EXPORT = qw($Foo bar);
 Functions and variables listed in the @EXPORT package variable are
 automatically exported if you use the module and don't explicitly list any
 imports. Now, when you use My::Module, $Foo and bar() will show up.