Binary package “libguestfs0” in ubuntu focal

guest disk image management system - shared library

 The libguestfs library allows accessing and modifying guest disk
 images. It offers the following features, among many others:
  * making batch configuration changes to guests;
  * viewing and editing files inside guests;
  * getting disk used/free statistics;
  * migrating between virtualization systems;
  * performing partial backups;
  * performing partial guest clones;
  * cloning guests and changing registry/UUID/hostname info.
 It uses the Linux kernel and qemu code, and can access any type of guest
 file system that Linux and qemu can, including but not limited to: ext2/3/4,
 btrfs, FAT and NTFS, LVM, many different disk partition schemes, qcow, qcow2,
 The library provides ways to enumerate guest storage (such as partitions, LVs,
 what file system is in each LV, etc.); to run commands in the context of the
 guest; and to upload and download files and directories.