Binary package “libhttp-daemon-perl” in ubuntu focal

simple http server class

 Instances of the HTTP::Daemon class are HTTP/1.1 servers that listen on a
 socket for incoming requests. The HTTP::Daemon is a subclass of
 IO::Socket::IP, so you can perform socket operations directly on it too.
 The accept() method will return when a connection from a client is available.
 The returned value will be an HTTP::Daemon::ClientConn object which is
 another IO::Socket::IP subclass. Calling the get_request() method on this
 object will read data from the client and return an HTTP::Request object. The
 ClientConn object also provide methods to send back various responses.
 This HTTP daemon does not fork(2) for you. Your application, i.e. the user of
 the HTTP::Daemon is responsible for forking if that is desirable. Also note
 that the user is responsible for generating responses that conform to the
 HTTP/1.1 protocol.