Binary package “monitoring-plugins-standard” in ubuntu focal

Plugins for nagios compatible monitoring systems (standard)

 Plugins for nagios compatible monitoring systems like Naemon and Icinga. It
 contains the following plugins:
  check_breeze, check_dbi, check_dig, check_disk_smb, check_dns,
  check_flexlm, check_fping, check_game, check_hpjd, check_ifoperstatus,
  check_ifstatus, check_ldap, check_ldaps, check_mailq, check_mysql,
  check_mysql_query, check_oracle, check_pgsql, check_radius, check_rpc,
  check_snmp, check_wave
 This package provides the suite of plugins that are most likely to be
 useful on a central monitoring host. Some scripts need more packages installed
 to work, which is implemented as recommends.