Binary package “office2003-schemas” in ubuntu focal

Office 2003 XML Schemas - xsd

 This download contains documentation on a number of XML schemas for Microsoft®
 Office 2003 Editions including Microsoft Office Word 2003, Microsoft Office
 Excel 2003, Microsoft Office InfoPath® 2003, and Microsoft Office Visio® 2003
 schemas. It also includes schema information for Microsoft Office OneNote®
 2003, Microsoft Office Project 2003, Microsoft Office Research Services and
 Microsoft Office Word 2003.
 This download contains the Microsoft Office 2003 Edition XML Schema References
 and related documentation including the following: Overviews on
 WordprocessingML (the XML file format for Word 2003), SpreadsheetML (Excel
 2003), FormTemplate XML schemas (InfoPath 2003) and DataDiagramingML (Visio
 Additional XML schema information for OneNote, Project, and Research Services.
 Reference documentation on all Office 2003 schemas, detailing every element
 and type.
 This package contains the XML schema files used in Office 2003 Editions.