Binary package “python-is-python2” in ubuntu focal

symlinks /usr/bin/python to the DEPRECATED python2

 In Ubuntu, all python packages use explicit python3 or python2
 interpreter and do not use unversioned /usr/bin/python at all. Some
 third-party code may still be python2 based, yet may use
 This is a convenience package which ships a symlink to point
 /usr/bin/python interpreter at the current default python2. It may
 improve compatibility with obsolete 3rd-party software, whilst
 breaking some modern software.
 This package will be installed upon upgrades to Ubuntu 20.04, if
 DEPRECATED python2 was installed.
 python2 is DEPRECATED and will not be provided in the future Ubuntu
 release. It is recommended to remove python2 and this package after
 ensuring that only python3 is in use.
 No packages may declare dependencies on this package.