Binary package “python3-ironicclient” in ubuntu focal

Client for OpenStack bare metal Service - Python 3.x

 Ironic provision bare metal machines instead of virtual machines. It is a fork
 of the Nova Baremetal driver. It is best thought of as a bare metal hypervisor
 API and a set of plugins which interact with the bare metal hypervisors. By
 default, it will use PXE and IPMI in concert to provision and turn on/off
 machines, but Ironic also supports vendor-specific plugins which may
 additional functionality.
 This is a client for the OpenStack Ironic API. There's a Python API
 (the "ironicclient" module), and a command-line script ("ironic").
 Installing this package gets you a shell command, that you can use to
 interact with Ironic's API.
 This package provides the Python 3.x support.

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