Binary package “systemd-cron” in ubuntu focal

systemd units to provide cron daemon & anacron functionality

 Provides systemd units to run cron jobs in /etc/cron.hourly cron.daily
 cron.weekly and cron.monthly directories, without having cron
 or anacron installed.
 It also provides a generator that dynamicaly translate /etc/crontab,
 /etc/cron.d/* and user cronjobs in systemd units.
 Please notice this package provide a different set of features
 than Vixie-cron; trying to remain as simple as possible.
 By example, to avoid to run process through a wrapper,
 but have instead systemd run those dirrectly,
 it only send mails on error, including only a small blurb
 from the Journal; but doesn't send the full output of processes.