Binary package “unifont-bin” in ubuntu focal

utilities for manipulating GNU Unifont

 This is a set of Perl scripts, C programs, and FontForge scripts
 to manipulate Roman Czyborra's GNU Unifont ".hex" format font
 files. GNU Unifont has a Unicode-compatible font structure.
 These utilities allow editing ".hex" fonts with text and
 graphical editors, producing final versions of fonts in BDF,
 PCF, PSF, TrueType SBIT, and TrueType outline formats.
 To build the TrueType fonts, install the package 'fontforge'. To build
 the PCF fonts, use 'bdftopcf', which is in the 'xfonts-utils' package.
 To build the PSF font, use 'bdf2psf', which is in the 'console-setup'
 package. To obtain the font sources, run 'apt-get source unifont'.
 Building the main Unifont TrueType font will require at least 4 GB of
 main memory. You only need texlive (~1 GB) if you want to rebuild the
 unifont.pdf file in doc/ (see doc/Makefile); this is not done by default.