libconfig-mvp-perl binary package in Ubuntu Focal amd64

 MVP is a mechanism for loading configuration (or other information) for
 libraries. It doesn't read a file or a database. It's a helper for things
 that do.
 The idea is that you end up with a Config::MVP::Sequence object, and that you
 can use that object to fully configure your library or application. The
 sequence will contain a bunch of Config::MVP::Section objects, each of which
 is meant to provide configuration for a part of your program. Most of these
 sections will be directly related to a Perl library that you'll use as a
 plugin or helper. Each section will have a name, and every name in the
 sequence will be unique.

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  2019-10-18 09:15:30 UTC Published Ubuntu Focal amd64 release universe perl Optional 2.200011-1
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