Binary package “gri” in ubuntu groovy

a language for scientific illustration

 Gri is an open-source language for scientific graphics programming. It is
 command-driven, as opposed to point/click. Some users consider Gri similar
 to LaTeX, since both provide extensive power as a reward for tolerating a
 learning curve. The output is industry-standard PostScript as output,
 suitable for inclusion in other documents.
 Gri can make x-y graphs, contour graphs, and image graphs. Fine control is
 provided over all aspects of drawing, e.g. line widths, colors, fonts,
 etc. Greek letters and mathematical symbols are available in a TeX-like
 Folks who write 1000-line Gri scripts usually start with something as
 simple as the following:
   open file.dat # open a file
   read columns x * y # read the 1st column as x and the 3rd as y
   draw curve # draw the data and autoscale the axes
 A full manual is also available in HTML (gri-html-doc package), in
 PDF suitable for printing (gri-pdf-doc package) and on-line by
 following links from the gri home page: