Binary package “man2html” in ubuntu groovy

browse man pages in your web browser

 Point your web browser at http://localhost/cgi-bin/man/man2html to read and
 search your man pages in the browser.
 This program needs a CGI-capable HTTP server. After installation it might
 be required to manually enable CGI support in the HTTP server (CGI may be
 disabled by default for the security consideration). For apache2, this can
 be done with the following:
  $ sudo a2enmod cgid
  $ sudo systemctl restart apache2
  * Fast C CGI program for man/BSD-mandoc to HTML conversion.
  * Works from the unformatted nroff/troff source.
  * Source may be compressed.
  * Does tbl tables (but not eqn equations).
  * Generates hypertext links to foobar(1), abc@host, and xyzzy.h files
  * CGI script for whatis-based alpha-indexes by section.
  * CGI script for name-only alpha-indexes by section.
  * CGI script for full text search (requires swish++)
  * Front-end script to talk to a pre-launched netscape.