groff-base binary package in Ubuntu Groovy s390x

 This package contains the traditional UN*X text formatting tools
 troff, nroff, tbl, eqn, and pic. These utilities, together with the
 man-db package, are essential for displaying the on-line manual pages.
 groff-base is a stripped-down package containing the necessary components
 to read manual pages in ASCII, Latin-1, and UTF-8, plus the PostScript
 device (groff's default). Users who want a full groff installation, with
 the standard set of devices, fonts, macros, and documentation, should
 install the groff package.

Publishing history

Date Status Target Pocket Component Section Priority Phased updates Version
  2020-05-07 00:13:24 UTC Published Ubuntu Groovy s390x release main text Standard 1.22.4-5
  • Published
  • Copied from ubuntu groovy-proposed s390x in Primary Archive for Ubuntu
  Deleted Ubuntu Groovy s390x proposed main text Standard 1.22.4-5
  • Removal requested .
  • Deleted by Ubuntu Archive Robot

    moved to Release

  • Published
  2020-05-07 00:13:38 UTC Superseded Ubuntu Groovy s390x release main text Standard 1.22.4-4build1
  • Removal requested .
  • Superseded by s390x build of groff 1.22.4-5 in ubuntu groovy PROPOSED
  • Published
  • Copied from ubuntu focal-proposed s390x in Primary Archive for Ubuntu

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